Thomas Hirschhorn with Hal Foster Lecture 15/09/12 Notes

Posted in Cocolicious by akacocolopez on September 16, 2012


art in public space

nothing more important than collage in this moment

“i want to give form. I don’t want to make form.”

using art as a tool to live in the time you’re in

autonomy of form

the problem for an artist is never art, but what to do

creating a form for a position

can it be universal


tool used to give form

public art as a term makes no sense

art is public

even art in a private space is public

the desire of every art is being public

public as hypothetical collective

public as eventual receiver of all art

what is a public space? all space that is not dedicated to art

24h Foucault

what do i want? where do i stand?

i want to create public space even within an institution

public space vs. public sphere

activating a spot with presence

presence + production


the issue is always to make a work in a precarious situation

the non exclusive audience

implicating the other – a cynic argument

can art be a form of resistance?

ethnological authority

agreeing + agreements

accepting but not conforming

initiating encounters creating occassions

beuys + warhol -> loves everything about them

art as healing

inventing of materiality

writing helps to insist on what is important

to not play the role of the artist that does not explain himself

critical + purpose

all ambition of an artist must be to create a new notion/term of art

how can an outcome of a historical fact go beyond that

normalcy of human failure

occupy as appropriation + form

creating a new term

potential inside the precarious