Jacques Rancière & Bruno Bosteels @ The Kitchen 18/09/2012

Posted in Cocolicious by akacocolopez on September 28, 2012

institution of new age technology

gallery -> stage     spectatorship

upsetting generic habits

matrix of talking of discourse

in power

restoration and desire of the old

leftistm + order


shifting from strike to production

archives of workers writings

young intellectuals vs. workers

losing the tradition of the proletariat

plebian vs proletarian

plebian philosopher – power of things must belong to everybody

the barriers of allocation of duties and capacities

scandal of narrative

what is the material of theory

badiou on ranciere

“my art is philosphy friend”

meta politics

fear of illusion

micromovements of emancipation

individual + collective

are we closer to the 1840s now

part time workers

part time students

relation to lacan – i could never understand classical positions between appearance + reality

illusions, dreams, utopia

what is perceptive

staging + creating situations

radical equality

equality of intelligence

equality is not gold

we have to think that on the presupposition of equality not inequality

not several kinds of intelligence

same capacity can be used in a multiplicity of ways

what is supposed to be journalism or theory

“do you think you are speaking to people that have the same intelligence?

i never speak to idiots”