Isaac Julien Lecture @ Columbia Univ.

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on April 4, 2012

Isaac Julien/Kellie Jones/Kobena Mercer/Mark Nash/B. Ruby Rich

Looking for Langston

going back to examine what couldn’t

traditional academic research + censorship

the subject having last laugh

what does a work use

appropriate critical distance

simulacrum version of history vs. fantasy

(slaves to fashion)

hetero normative black nationalistic discourse

hidden + obscured histories

film noir

hilton- intro to negro faggotry

psycho-sexual identities

outlines of “african diaspora”

what could black subjects be

how are works narrated?

passion of emembrance-1986-vigilante-neighborhood watch

eddie chambers, keither piper, ingrid pollard

visualizing riot as art

allegorizing protest


transatlantic transitions

disco ball in film

upcoming generations

longevity + surprise

art history, cross cultural formations

if we look at Looking For Langston as model

hesitations towards naming “black queer studies”

archive footage, the harmon foundation

supremacist mind set in art

queering as a method of looking forward in order to look back

black culture in diaspora are not just African Americans

exhibition history of harlem: harlem on my mind, harlem renaissance art, art of black america, rhapsodies in black

art vs. documentary



transnational diaspora

double origin of modernism

separatist history of beaux arts

books: negrophilia, richmond barthe a life in sculpture, homoerotic photographs of carl van vechten

creolized double origin of 20th century

primitive story

interracial coupling

politics of closet

human/non human

feral benga/edward burra

new ethnicities

black pop culture


politics of problem

‘this is not an aids advertisement’

fanon – i am a slave for my own appearance

“policing of that boundary”

imperative to abject

public intimacy of the self/other

systemic exclusion

workshop declaration

queering archival footage of harlem

blues as african american woman theory

tongues untied

history has a way of settling scores

flow to study history you’re not in

syncretism in disciplines


theatrical vs. avant garde documentary

is the african american community more homophobic than gays are racist?


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