Erick Beltran, Linda Matalon, Victoria Noorthoorn @ Hunter College Notes

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on April 4, 2012

lyon biennial

line as political

allowed trace


jorge macchi/bernardo ortiz/zbynek baladran

artwork as footnote

exhibit as model of universe

“it has nothing to do about race”

center for historical reenactments

foucault – order of things

are biennials portable?


time + space/ spirit of art

“the organization”

knot, sphere

biblioteque nacional de france globe as object


earth + skies as object

terrestrial vs ontological

how to represent.

droste effect/matroyshka/giotto

agujero negro

white hole vs black hole

problems of organization

between you + society

american – original movement of everything so as to create the universe

atlas + sisyphus

peter sloterdijk spheres


pataphysic institute


harmonies between all stories

self creation

collective + subjective making tension

individual as mirage

Pinocchio – mirage & liar


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