Wangechi Mutu Lecture Notes

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on May 13, 2011

sun ra – dead bodies of humanity

art making, performance, collaboration

astro black

east africa – cutting up + making of africa

things you understand vs. things you learn

belgion congo + king leopold

dicing + mutilation

emergency years of 1950

women: protest as sorcery using bodies as power

home, existence, women, autonomy

intuitive + organic

mutilations reflecting internalized images

repetition of colonial gestures

representing that which is the problem (josephine baker)

collapsing problem + solution

fakery, the fiction of what she represented

trinh t. minh – you who understand

erasure of people/genocide -> creation of an object i can lay my hands on

context of what a woman’s body looks like

machine measuring features

when you assume your nation is fighting on the righteous side


hannah hoch

breaking down what we consider to be another person




reality prescribed as your own

living between layers

kenya fascinates europeans

masai as peacock tribe

the squats as fiction

depictions of africans

you can’t tell a joke unless people understand the punchline

zora neale hurston fusion between low + high

africa as backdrop

removal of skin, lack of color, eradication of race

learning blackness + whiteness

eartha kitt -> possess and become other things

unification of africa based on fiction

bell hooks – endurance is not to be confused

nina simone

grace jones

“come to africa before the 20th century beats you to it”

kevin carter photo

interconnectivity of everything

hypersexualized black female

the myth of africa

pornography + arican arc

objectifications of objects of objectifications

1994 genocide in rwanda – ana mendieta

dead bodies pushed in water ended up in food stream through fish

mold on funerary clothes

what happens to bodies + building during war

birth + death

pre christian traditions

high heels as pedestals for women

slowly becoming a people to learn about them

knowing what it is like to be african from within

immersed colonial space

sensually horrific

performance of colonization

population that plays out the role it is given

people with no past

africans coming to the us on a mothership -> a new birth..a diff kind of entrance

cutting off slavery as the only option as to how a person came to a place


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  1. evergreen said, on May 14, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    I went to her exhibition at the AGO in Toronto last year. I was blown away. Her work is fantastic.

  2. Michael A. Gonzales said, on May 27, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Very cool site…I love Mutu’s art. Have you dug Coon Bidness yet?

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