Roberta Smith Lecture Notes

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on February 27, 2011

i don’t give lectures…i chat

we are all critics and we are all functioning critically all the time

looking + thinking about what you’re seeing

be humble + get to work

Rosenberg, Greenberg, Judd – developing beyond your generation

the benefits of terror in development

struggle w/ opinion + battle

artists have to be their harshest critic

see your work as others see it and then take it apart and put it back together

doing your work for yourself + having high standards

tradition of journalistic criticism

not theory, conversational

criticism as assertion of self

don’t let yourself be betrayed by your own taste

intuitive vs. analytical

we’re all accumulating an image bank

sensibilities happen through different ages

what does what you’re doing look like from out here?

i am a lot of things that are beyond my control

i want to make you curious enough that you will go up and see

power is granted, earned, lost

newness- does anything take you by surprise?

you know the difference, you don’t want to listen to the beatles forever

in theory every human being has the ability to do something new

originality vs. sincerity

looking at your own work w/ incredible harshness

criticism is the pain of being an artist

what do objects do to us?

voice = guerilla warfare

times = army

i do like the idea that Goggle + Art are together

there’s too much art being made

we are in an important time where art history is being rewritten

i think it’s like food + sex…it can take any form and politics can be part of that form

conceptual art really broke something

an experience of form

i don’t know what the current conversation is…there are at least 10

good art = intelligence + awareness of material


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