MFA Week 3

Posted in MFA by akacocolopez on February 27, 2011

Set up as sculpture

maps – collapsing of landscape

satellite imagery

think glocal – what’s going on right now?

fictional reality

Ed Ruscha’s parking lots

don’t be so specific

linear vs. floaty

march of progress

reinforcement of planes

cynical or not…craft vs. art

(fill a room with something)

heels + feminism

physical relation to subject is always the same

Gordon Matta-Clark

If it is documentation why is it art?

fictitious landscape out of reality

experience as art

mark making

ask real questions/escape theory


“boys will be boys”

The Wooster Group

narrative tableau performances

deus ex machina

productive is nonproductive

personality. humor. character.

Gatai Group

Jacques Tati Playtime

embarrassment in american art


sense of self – existential

insincere sincerity

cyber feminism

post identity/ meta identity/ afro futurism

Todd Haynes’ Superstar


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