14 Days in Cuba

Posted in Cocolicious by akacocolopez on November 14, 2010

Grandpa has travelled everywhere with me. He came with Mom and I on our first trip to Europe where we put some of his ashes in the Trevi fountain. He did not come with me on my return to Venice, but he walked along side me during my walk on the Camino de Santiago. I carefully prepared to record the graceful falling of his grey ashes into the ocean but a quick gust of wind stole the cinematic effect away from me. I laughed. Now I will be visiting Cuba, the place where Grandpa was born. For so long this was such a far away place. An island that never existed for me in reality, only in my imagination. I will bring Grandpa back too. I told Mom that Grandpa’s ashes are going to run out if I keep going places.


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