Barbara Hammer Lecture

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on October 4, 2010

“Putting MAMA back in MoMA”

performing without audience

put myself in museum before they put me

mimicking sculptures, 1971

important identity building


a baby to a young girl to a mother to a crone

a lesbian artist births herself

one person performances

i always think an artists creates according to the space they are given

it will be up in the museum for five minutes

a book can be anywhere so i spent last year writing a book

all over in the other

im envious of earth artists

the subject determines what im going to do with it

anybody can be a lesbian it’s an open category i invite you

he’s a philosopher he doesn’t hike (on Walter Benjamin)

it was vigorous and clitoral

i feel like i sacrificed some of my artistic talent by doing identity work

it’s time for us to make a stand right now

how boring would it be to be in a world where we were all alike

i put the art with the politics and in a way i married myself

The Barbara Hammer Film Retrospective is open until October 13th and she also has work in Maya Deren’s Legacy until October 18th, both at MoMA.


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