al Magrib

Posted in Cocolicious by akacocolopez on September 28, 2010

Finally got to somewhat organizing the photographs from my summer adventure. I definitely fell in love with Morocco. Seeing a shooting star among thousands in the Saharan desert and hopping on a stranger’s motorbike for a ride through Marrakech are two moments that I just will never forget. And of course the food was DELISH! I was there during Ramadan so the days were pretty quiet with many people avoiding the heat. At night after prayer the streets filled up with locals, tourists, and people visiting from other parts of Morocco all headed towards the Djemaa el Fna, a UNESCO heritage site filled with juice squeezers, spice vendors, henna artists, storytellers, singers, cross-dressing dancers, dentists and more. Everyone I met along the way was so hospitable. The place I was staying in was right in the center of all the commotion in the walled Medina so I quickly became friends with all the shopkeepers on my street and even watched a store for a bit. No cars are allowed inside the old city walls, however every day I had to pray I wouldn’t be hit by one of the speeding motorbikes that veer their way through the hundreds of angled alley ways. Hopefully, the next time I’m there I will know some Arabic, so I can really fool everyone into thinking I’m Moroccan.

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