Thinking Performance

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on June 21, 2010

Short notes from the symposium @ Guggenheim:

Site + Performance

object as relic


embodied vs. representation


human gesture + voice

The Hard Labor of the Live

Syncopated time, temproal drag, twice behaved behavior

there is no behavior or the original reoccurs

time is full of holes + gaps + always more than 1

syncopated time vs. double vs. triple vs. infinite

Materiality + Theatricality

the jump of affect -> affect moves us in time

the livingness of passing

daily passing prompts forgetting

not remembering

employees, reperformer, other people..confusion surrounding what we call these people

artist as author

The Innocence

disembodiment (time + seperated performance)

activating a space in a new way

uncanny relationship between memory + past


startling effect

interwoven narratives

outsourcing authenticity

the hiring of non professionals to undertake the process of performing for the artist

in hey day artist’s used their own body

exploitation + manipulation

elective identity…caucasian + middle class = reproducibility (most collectable)

artist has devised the situation for recording

why do companies outsource?

artist’s own body as the cheapest material

hyperreal vs. hyper-authentic



body art to behavior art

institutionalization by document

artists as independent contractors

how will they be done and by whom?

you can’t rehearse this type of piece


nostalgia about the past

we need a radical view of the past to change the future

hierarchy between documentation and the real thing

performance is art and nothing can recreate it

what is this new change? i need to process it

it changed me and then changed everyone

immortality of performance

no beginning or end, just a timeless being

no one can change from someone else’s experience…but from your experience you can change

public experience

hirst end of an era…exiting a material culture in art

i would never put people in a situation where they can get hurt

two bodies of work: me performing + public performing

live event + the importance of the experience

how is the museum space controlled?

when you deal with real radical performances you have to deal with the artists

it’s a new territory…there has to be some training

most art students are women, but when they get out it flips and men get the shows

relationship between artist + audience

the pitfalls of performance becoming institutionalized

presentness is grace

is art above the law? how does one police art?

there’s no one way right now that performance is sold to an institution

class is a notoriously difficult concept

what is important is not you, but what you bring to the table

what does community mean?

can everyone participate in elitism?

there is a curator you know…you can’t do what you want.


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