Spring Book List II

Posted in Books by akacocolopez on May 22, 2010

In preparation for my summer trip to do El Camino Frances on El Camino de Santiago I fervently read through a few of Paulo Coelho’s books that deal with the subject: The Pilgrimage, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Brida, and The Devil and Miss Prym. Now that I’m through with those finally get to go through these:

The Winner Stands Alone, Paulo Coelho

Antwerp, Roberto Bolaño

Collected Fictions, Jorge Luis Borges

Rex, Jose Manuel Prieto

Artist Body, Student Body, Public Body (Trilogy), Marina Abramovic & Germano Celant

The Quiet in the Land, France Morin, John Farmer, Carol Becker

The Constraint of Race: Legacies of White Skin Privelege in America, Linda Faye Williams

Post Black, Ytasha L. Womack

Man and His Symbols, Carl Jung

American Taliban, Pearl Abraham

Witz, Joshua Cohen

Guerilla Warfare, Che Guevara

Women, Race, & Class, Angela Y. Davis

The Story of Art, E.H. Gombrich

Memory and Migration: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Memory Studies, Julia Creet & Andreas Kitzmann

Kick Ass, Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.

Voice of the Fire, Alan Moore

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