Lawrence Weiner Lecture Notes

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on February 23, 2010

people began to experiment on what the final product would be

sometimes art has to question what the basis of art is

it’s a bitch to make a living as an artist…it’s a bitch to make a living

making something to look like something in order to make something that doesn’t (MFA)

art is about anger with the presentation of things that affect your life

cezanne had to do with the understanding of recontextualizing a place

all material is translateable

in the end a piece of stone is a piece of stone

take a piece of stone and completely fuck up all preconceptions

remove hierarchy of materials

no logic to a parallel reality

live in a time of simultaneous reality

we use the computer, we can’t go to heaven, we have 12 religions

you can use things you find along the way

“any questions”

we are obligated to educate ourselves

it’s history…it ain’t art

art has no use

it bangs until it fits

you have to give something a name for your accomplices

the experiment was a fabulous experiment…it didn’t work because it was based on Hegel

brings about a discourse for what you want it for

this isn’t literature, this isn’t changing minds, this is about changing reality…i believe if it doesn’t change people’s realitites, it’s not art

i don’t want to fuck up anybody’s day on their way to work. i want to fuck up their whole life.

i hate the word strategy (janis joplin)

the minute you believe you’re radical, you’re a horses ass

access to the history of human endeavor

when you stumble you fall on your face

art comes from all different places, but the fact that it goes into packages is bazaar

it’s a structure, don’t call it culture

everyone wants to sleep with everyone else…doesn’t mean they have to

this conversation with generations is an allusion

go on be successful, you can be an honorary professor

amateur vs. connoisseur

love vs. making a living

if you heard about morandi’s paintings…anything is possible

i want to affect the value structure of things

it’s all the same…a wall is a wall

(on michaelangelo) he was commissioned to make a statue of david with a big cock

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