Notes from Lorraine O’Grady Lecture

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on October 30, 2009

“that happens in sex…that happens in art..it’s right or it’s not right”

white male hybrid

not about images but about ideas

dissolving of language

dada + surrealism + chance

baudelaire would be with jeanne duval for over 20 years if she was not an intelligent woman

she must have influenced his ideas and thinking

modernism + clash of european with the “other”

obsession with history

picasso stole from african masks…now it’s even

understanding history, yourself in history, and culture through history

universal vs. black voice

1983 black n’ white show, black n’ white work, black n’ white artists


1840-1920, what changed for women of color migrating?

baudelaire – flowers of evil

post-black before being black

there is no comfort zone

took the permission to be a visual artist

no interest in the “signature” image, from duchamp

see how things develop

not interested in mining an idea, but going on to explore the next idea

“anger gets me started + fear gets me going”

anti racist impulse moves into a universal impulse

started out universal but was pushed into a title

“every strong woman comes from a stronger woman”

miscegenation family album = correction of history

everything about the other is made horrible

racism of egyptology

diptych brings together two opposing realities

“knew something was being taken away from me”

racism through translation

outgrow / outlast problems

clashes occur – death of the ego

the space in which black + other artists artists can evolve together is growing

black dreams, series of dreams vs. individual

western binarism is the enemy

eastern logic vs. western logic

who out there admires the muse more than the artist?

commercialization of subjectivity

challenging yourself

get the intellectual before the….

“i’m not a visceral person…is that the last thing I want to say?”

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  1. Hampers said, on October 30, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Thanks for sharing the notes from Lorraine O’Grady Lecture. It was nice going through it. keep up the good work.

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