Whole in The Wall

Posted in Art, Graff by akacocolopez on June 7, 2009

Yesterday I checked out, Whole in the Wall, an exhibit that covers the old and new masters from 1970 to the present from the U.S. and Europe. When I first got to the space I was kind of amazed since it was the first time I’ve been to the Helenbeck Gallery. Also, I was definitely not expecting as many goodies from old graff masters, so I was presently surprised…at first.

Lee Quinones

It was a beautiful experience to see work from artists like Lee Quinones, Blade, and Crash in person…especially since I never got to see them on trains! Henry Chalfant’s photographs of train pieces printed on metal worked really well and brought a new dimension to photographs I’ve already seen before. I think the show could have been curated a little tighter. I was really happy to see Rammellzee’s sculpture/art/whatever you wanna call it as I think he’s definitely someone who’s always been an innovator. Maybe I’m just a strict New Yorker…but I wouldn’t consider some people represented in the exhibit as masters of the game. I would’ve loved to see more females represented other than Martha Cooper, because although most of the memories captured stem from her lens, she was not a writer. A little Lady Pink would have been VERY nice as far as the ladies go, or how about a little Dondi or a little Futura2000 as far as the masters go? Or even a little bit of MARE139 as far as someone doing something contemporary…would have loved to see some of his sculptures in the space. All in all, I’ll consider it one small step with leaps to be awaited.


Jon One



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