Hunter College MFA

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on June 7, 2009

My best in show LOL, yes we are all show dogs…Alex Golden, Martin Murphy, Alicia Gibson, “Witts” and Bryan Zanisnik. The show is up until June 13th at the Hunter College Times Square Gallery. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to grab any images from the illusive Gregory Wittler aka Witts, but his installation was both fun and alluded to something spiritual in a very boyish way. I’ve been drawn to Alex Golden’s work since I first experienced some of it in Open Studios, and I really enjoyed the direction he went in for his thesis. His videos have an old school quality to them while being totally contemporary. Alicia Gibson’s paintings were “cool” in a Williamsburg way, however they do transcend from just being something cool, into being something I can look at and think about. Bryan Zanisnik’s most succesful piece was on the opening night where he performed with his parents I’m assuming? I don’t know how well the objects function alone, but that first experience was enough to grab me. Martin Murphy’s videos were pretty cool as long as you don’t miss his hidden away gallery section. They got some ideas brewing in my mind with my own work. Check out the recent graduates websites: Alex Golden, Martin Murphy, Alicia Gibson, Bryan Zanisnik.

Alex Golden, Wenn Sie Etwas Sehen, 2009

Alicia Gibson, Jizz Over Chelsea, 2009

Martin Murphy, Sighting the Curve, 2009

Bryan Zanisnik,When I Was a Child I Caught a Fleeting Glimpse, Performance, 2009


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