Posted in Art by akacocolopez on May 20, 2009

Wow…I’ve been pretty sucky at updating the blog lately but hopefully I will be writing a little more now that school’s out…my “web presence” usually slows down around finals. Speaking of school I got accepted into the B.F.A. program at Hunter so come visit me this fall at Open Studios :). Here’s some shots from the work I used for my interview:

The video projection on the wall features a loop of YouTube era girls shaking their asses. The backgrounds of each video suddenly take a larger presence as things like stuffed animals and teen sensation posters pop up every now and then. The silence is erased from the video pushing the focus not onto the words or sensation present in dancing but to the act of performing for whoever might be watching on the internet.

On the floor is another video installation, set up as some type of a shrine. Here the video is of my Grandmother as she speaks about race from her perspective as a Dominican. She speaks negatively and humorously about Black people as if she weren’t “colored” herself.

The three drawings are from a series of mark making that I did over magazine images. Exotic locations and looks are often fetishized in a White world. Here I turn White models into mulattas like myself in a way that is both awkward and slightly comical.


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