Posted in Culture by akacocolopez on April 17, 2009

As many may not have known…this is Immigrant Heritage Week in Nyc. I only found this out since I submitted some work for some happenings going on at QMA this weekend.

I was happy to stumble across upon info on Havana Film Week, which celebrates its 10th year anniversary this week. This festival showcases works from Latinos in Latin American as well as the States. 

This is the one to watch:

Director Pablo Fendrik, La Sangre Brota / Blood Appears , Quad Cinema 4/20 @ 9:35 pm & 04/22 @ 1pm

This one you can take your girlfriend to : 

Director Juanma. Fernandez-Paris, Party Time, Quad Cinema 4/20 @ 7:20pm & 4/22 @ 5:30pm

This one is premiering at my school…pretty convenient:

Director Jacobo Morales, God Created Them II, NY Premiere @ Lang Recital Hall 4/21 @5pm

This one seems pretty crazy: 

Jean-Claude, a 71 year old Brazilian director, is making a documentary in which he puts people with phobias in anxiety-inducing situations where they face their deepest fears, for him, the only authentic, truthful image of the human being. But the filmmaker is not content to remain behind the camera: he starts to interact with his subjects, preparing them for a scene, and sometimes establishing a paternal rapport with them. However, this documentary project was never finished and the reasons for this remain a mystery.

-Havana Film Festival



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