Younger than Jesus

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on April 9, 2009

It’s no lie that I’m a great fan of Ryan Trecartin’s work. His installation at New Museum’s The Generational:Younger than Jesus was the exact model of what the show was/should be about. (Plus I’m so happy of the fact that he doesn’t ignore Race in his work, because other colors do exist don’t they?) My nonsensical rule for watching time based art is that it should be able to grab you within 10 seconds…if it doesn’t then it’s a fail. Trecartin’s videos not only grabbed me within 10 seconds, but they kept me sitting and watching and laughing and wondering if I was losing any brain cells in the process. 

Alot of the videos in the show were very good, though I was surprised that nearly none ( I think just one work did this) of the artists physically did something to the television or headphones or projection to join the video object with the video itself.


James Richards semi-stage creation explored language and communication influenced by British Scratch Videos. (Works by Josh Smith and Katerina Sedad in the background). Speaking of Sedad, I really enjoyed her piece because I’ve been working with my Grandmother alot recently, and was thinking of having her create some objects for me.

Here’s some more pics…didn’t really take much lol.

Some consistent themes I saw through the exhibit were taking inspiration from the old, appropriation, and challenging the norm’s of society.

My short note list from the show:

Anna Molska’s constructivist innspired video with scantily clad men.

James Richards rebus like video.

Katerina Sedad collaboration with grandmother drawing and remembering things from her store of 30 years.

Josh Smith texture twisters.

Faye Driscoll’s digital flipbook.

Carolina Caycedo flags.

Ziad Antar’s structures of sound with an anybody can do it aesthetic wrapped around private meaning.

Tris Vonna-Michelle rise and destruction of Rome in a day.

Marichen Danz ritualistic, religious, obscure, karaoke style performance.

Cyprien Goullard exploring France housing projects as gang fight begins and ends.

Matt Keagan portraits of recen graduates questions how did we get here.

Edad Lassry strangeness of images, and what are they selling?

Ryan Trecartin omglulz.

Latoya Ruby Frazier was given a crappy spot for her great photos.

Ruth Ewen jukebox of our times.

Karen Cytter Der Spiegel weird film.

Ahmet Ogut conflicts of space.

Adriana Lara conceptual piece will make you slip.

Guthrie Lonergan introductions.

Ciprian Muresan’s heart warming videos, pepsi challenge not able to choose.

Chu Yun sleeping pill induced person.

Mark Essen “art” video games… messhof.com

Tauba Auerbach static.

Tala Madani paintings.

Yeah…I know I’m so descriptive.


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    […] AkaCocoLopez – Notes on Younger than Jesus Some good observations and comments on the New Museum's newest show. […]

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