Berlin 2000

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on March 31, 2009

Bjorn Dahlem, Club Schrodingers Katze, 2000/2009, wood, fluorescents, cat tree, cat litter, book, and lamp

This show was great, if only for this piece. As I walked past it I immediately thought what a bunch of crap…as I kept looking it’s genius slowly crept on me and I truly appreciated the interaction of materials. Then I saw the book, a copy of Freud’s “Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious” and fell in love with the playful nature of the piece. Knowing the title of this piece adds another element to the materials and concept behind it. This evidence of humour in art making can be seen throughout the exhibit.

Sofia Hulten’s Getting Rid of Stuff, 2001, showed the artist interacting in public space performing actions that would not have been noticed at all if not for her document of it.

The simplicity of Halina Kliem’s I Want to See Stars, 2004, really amazed me. As a student it’s great to see art that is accessible to make with any type of budget and “works”.

Another one of the attention grabbing pieces, …istan passiert, 2000/2001, from Thomas Zipp plays again with notions of perception and understanding in a way that can make you smile.

Berlin 2000 @ Pace Wildenstein through 04.19.09


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