Into the Sunset

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on March 29, 2009

Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West just opened at MoMA this weekend and really surpassed any expectations I might have had for the exhibit. Over 120 photographs including even daguerreotypes and tin types are present in this examination of how the idea of the American West is explored by photographers from 1850 through the present. Admirable and notable photographs from some of my favorite  photographers are included: Alvin Coburn, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Dorothea Lange, Ed Ruscha, Garry Winogrand,Stephen Shore, Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Philip Lorca Di Corcia and the list goes on. The show was excellently curated and organized by Eva Respini. From the list of names above, it is evident that the exhibit thoroughly explored not only different facets of the west, but different ways of creating photographs themselves from the conceptual to the process. Of all the great photographs, I was most excited to finally see this in person:

There is no just no way to really appreciate this photo collage by David Hockney without seeing the different layers come together in your presence, made my day! 🙂


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