Everything about being indie is tied to not being black.

Posted in Culture by akacocolopez on February 17, 2009

“I hate the city, but I love the city. San Francisco is beautiful…you shouldn’t have to be upper middle class to be a part of that.” – Micah

I’ve finally gotten to see this wonderful film from Barry Jenkins of two people’s ( part of the 1% of “indie” folks who are of the 7% of black folks in SF) experience after a one night stand. In his own words: ““It’s like Before Sunset meets Do The Right Thing…with a dash of the French New Wave to sweeten the pot.” And yes…I know that makes no sense.”

Everything about this film was beautiful and “different” to the films we often see in theaters…most noticeable is the use of color and saturation shifts throughout the film. I felt myself sympathizing with Micah (played by Wyatt Cenac) and his views on race and community. In one scene he breaks down who he is into one word: Black. Our shared view on life was overwhelmingly evident once the film finished, and I looked around the surprisingly crowded theater to see that I was the only Brown person there. *womp womp*

Click here for some more info on the movie.

p.s. it’s playing in NYC @ Cinema Village

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