Call to Volunteer

Posted in Culture by akacocolopez on January 19, 2009

Obama has called for Americans to volunteer on our day off…but I know most of us are lazy fools here’s my list of nice things you can do today if you don’t intend on volunteering:

1.) Hold the door for someone today, especially your neighbors. This lack of manners happens with me most frequently in my building where 95% of my neighbors are students at Columbia University. Not only do they never hold the door, they also never say thank you if one holds the door for them.

2.)Call your Grandma. I live across the street from my Grandmother and all her friends always say what a nice granddaughter she has that visits her all the time. Make your Grandma happy.

3.) Offer to carry someone’s heavy bags or help a mother with her stroller on the stairs. It saddens me so much when I see mothers struggling to handle their carriage on the train stairs, with tons of able bodied people walk, glance, and keep walking.

4.)Offer your seat to someone on the train. Seriously, if you’re sitting there picking your boogers, be nice let the young girl trying to read her book, or the old man with the cane sit down and relax.

5.) Donate some books to your library. Wait are the libraries even open? Do this tomorrow if so!


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