Sign of the Times

Posted in Graff by akacocolopez on January 3, 2009

I am constructing a street art collective, as of now it is only me. Two or three people would be ideal and for the level of success I have in mind it’s just too much to go at alone. I have the illustration and tradition skills covered, but I’d like to work with someone who is really into type. But what ever your good at please apply, I’m open to everything. (Building and installing mischief, projections, whatever).

I propose we meet once or twice a week and hit the streets hard. So if you know a place we can print or cut stencils, lets talk. LETS BLOW UP!! Furthermore, if you’d simply like to fund a guerilla art campaign please contact me.

P.S. this not entrapment so express yourself freely in your reply.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


The New Jacker

I peeped this ad in the Art & Media Jobs section of Craigslist.org …give the poor guy an e-mail back: job-962327366@craigslist.org

As “Street Art” is becoming ever so popular I can’t help but wonder if writers that actually bomb will actually ever get any institutionalized credit.


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