Taking Over

Posted in Culture, Et cetera by akacocolopez on November 9, 2008

Danny Hoch is bringing his one man show “Taking Over” to the Public Theater from Nov 7 – Dec 14. I’m a great fan of his work and the perspective he brings to the masses is so insightful and exactly what we need to see/hear/experience.

Brooklyn Rail recently had an interview with him that discussed the show and its relationship with gentrification in New York City… Hoch consistently keeeps it real:

I think that the people that are upset at the piece are all gentrifiers. Because I think there’s an expectation when they see this white guy up there that, ultimately—even though I’ve talked about how fucked up this has been for immigrants and children of immigrants and African-Americans and New Yorkers who have lived here their whole lives—that, ultimately, I’m going to speak for them and, ultimately, I’m going to give their point of view. And when I don’t, I think there’s a betrayal that’s felt. Because, you know, a lot of the white Americans in the audience feel indicted, and they have been indicted. But I kind of indicted myself, as well. But it’s not good enough for them. I think they want to be celebrated. I think that the white Americans who feel uncomfortable in my show not only want to be celebrated, but they also want to feel kinship with the victimization of the New Yorkers. Because I think the white Americans who are uncomfortable in my show feel like victims. I think they feel like they’re not rich and they’re not responsible for this and their rent has gone up, and it’s not fair what’s happening to them, so where’s their story? And I just feel fucked up about them feeling uncomfortable, but I’m not really apologetic because their stories are the majority of stories that we hear.


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