Posted in Art by akacocolopez on November 4, 2008


There will also be an election night special there tomorrow with curators, artists, directors, and probably hipsters at the exhibit tomorrow with a screening of Boogie Man, the Lee Atwater Story, as well as live feed back from the elections, open from “7pm till the end”



This show will pull no punches. When the theater is on fire, we are obligated to scream. Many artists are making challenging work that is commensurate with the times. Some have been critically engaged for decades. This show will bring together an unexpected mix—artists who often would not be thought of as working in the same framework. What do an American feminist painter who gained prominence in the 1960s and a 21st century Bangladeshi new media artist who looks at surveillance have in common? Or what does an artist who uses the appropriation of the language of advertising to explore blackness have to do with an artist who utilizes conceptual strategies to address US wars? We say, lots.



October 29 – November 23rd 2008


Includes work from Emory Douglass, Martha Rosler, and Hank Willis Thomas to name a few



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