current should sees before they’re over

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on October 6, 2008

Duston Spear paintings at Sara Tecchia were intricately beautiful. She has described her paintings as not one in part of a series, but an ongoing exploration, and this idea certaintly comes through in her work. Spear has combined various methods of creating in each piece including spray paint, stencil, collage, and wax which results in a war scene that has actually been the result of the passing of time.

Eyebeam is definitely one of those places that I love going to because I know I will always be pleasantly surprised by something I experience. This piece, one of the art + technology babies that’s part of their Unethered exhibit, is one of those things. Each panel responds to the position of a person moving through the room, and changes angles in relation to the persons position.

Jean Baptiste Huynh’s Twilight photographs at Sonnabend gallery were truly mesmerizing. The close study of natural color and its gradiations are perfectly captured in his large scale photographs. Each photograph was taken at varying extremes of the northern and southern hemispheres, which also gives many of us the chance to somewhat experience the aura of these far places. The other photographs of Meteorites and Mirrors, didn’t seem to capture this same feeling.


The Silverstein Photography Annual brings together 10 curators and 10 photographers at Bruce Silverstein Gallery. The varied grouping leads to a fascinating exhibition that examines exceptional photography from staged work to documentary outtings. Olivia Arthur’s images of the Middle East grant insight into the different cultures and people, that are often mislabeled and understood in American society.


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