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Posted in Et cetera by akacocolopez on October 2, 2008

The Orphan Works Bill will deprive all artists of current rights, take a stand against it.




Orphan Works Bill: Not Dead Till It’s Dead




It’s not dead till it’s dead. The Senate passed their version of the Orphan Works Bill on September 26th. Please Take Action Now to Stop the Orphan Works Bill in the House.


According to our DC sources, the most efficient way for Congress to pass this bill now would be for the House to scrap their own version and adopt the Senate’s. There are procedural ways they can do this. Some say they will; some say they won’t.It’s enough to know they can.


There are special interest groups promoting the House bill now: big stock houses, for example, like Getty and Corbis, and groups working with them. They want an infringer-friendly “dark archive,” a privately-owned “entity” sanctioned by the Copyright Office where infringers would file a notice of intent to infringe a work.


Since artists would not have access to this dark archive, the “sanctioned entity” would be of no use to us until our work has been infringed and we’ve filed a case in federal court. And then it would mostly serve the interests of infringers – letting them prove in court they had done the minimal necessary paperwork before they infringed.


The important thing to remember about the House bill is that there is no protection for artists in it. It would simply give more middlemen a chance to profit from this gutting of copyright law.


We know it’s hard to ask Congress to focus on copyright law with a financial crisis looming. But we didn’t pick this fight and it’s our rights at stake if we don’t.


There is no national emergency for orphan works that requires Congress to pass this bill – which was drafted in secret – in the dark of night.


Please contact your House Representative today. Tell them not to pass the House bill. Tell them not to adopt the Senate’s.


– Brad Holland and Cynthia Turner, for the Board of the Illustrators’Partnership





Please post or forward this message immediately to any interested party.

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  1. pushaaaa said, on October 2, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    whats good yo…its me from the other day. whats good wioth those pictures? forward them shits to ma emailzzz. its on my name. and drop some other contact info too…mad cool peopless

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