Posted in Art by akacocolopez on September 19, 2008

This week I visited a couple of galleries on the LES…if you go to anyone of them be sure to get the LES=More gallery guide which includes a map of all the galleries in the area.

Mythic Female

Satori Gallery

August 29th – September 30th 2008


Gina Dawson’s work pictured above on the left was the most intriguing bit of this show that dealt with the iconic female image in contemporary culture. She sews together female images drawn from film references. This greatly reminded me of the Bauhaus schools in which women were still regulated to making art with traditional “female” methods.

Marie Losier


Luxe Gallery

September 7th – October 8th 2008

Marie Losier has a fascinating solo show @ Luxe where she brings together elements of time in her collaboration with performer, Genesis, in both photographic and film work. I loved the video installations she creates which really pulls the viewer into full interactivity with what’s going on. I also had the pleasure of meeting her today, and she’s super sweet so check it out =P

Jennifer Steinkamp

Daisy Bell

Lehmann Maupin

September 7th-October 18th 2008

Wow, when I went to the room that had Steinkamp’s Daisy Bell piece I was just in awe. It definitely had a presence that was all encompassing. The video seems to be dimensional in the darkroom as the flowers pop up from the blackbackground. I particularly liked the split that happens from the use of two projectors.

Julie Baum

A Rare Breed: A Portrait Series on Redheads

Ny Studio Gallery

September 4th – September 27th 2008

Julie Baum’s photographs are a perfect example of a piece of work losing it’s aura through reproduction. When I first saw an ad for the show I wasn’t too intrigued…but when I walked by the gallery the photos just reached out to me. The photographs are just shot and printed so masterfully that you have to see them up close to fully appreciate their wonders.

Monia Lippi

Brooklyn Nocturnal

gallery nine5

September 11th – September 29th 2008

Lippi’s series of night photographs in Brooklyn leaves more to be wanted. There’s just a certain something that I can’t name that’s missing from these photographs for me to fully embrace them. I do love how the haze of the street lamps continues on throughout most of the photos as they almost mimic the motion of the sun.

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