Upcoming Gallery Shows in New York

Posted in Art, Culture by akacocolopez on August 30, 2008

Jonathan Calm: Projects

Caren Golden Fine Art

September 4th – October 11th 2008

I’m working on a series with a similar subject as Jonathan Calm’s Project, so I’m definitely going to check out how he’s worked with his ideas.

Olivier Blanckart: Moma Don’t Preach


September 4th – October 4th 2008

Christian Marclay

Paula Cooper Gallery

September 4 – October 4th 2008

Joe Zucker


September 4th- October 4th 2008

Martha Rosler

Mitchell-Innes & Nash

September 6th – October 11th

also @ Mitchel-Innes & Nash: William Pope.L September 18th – October 24th

Jesse Frohman: In Bloom


September 4th – January 31st 2009

Kota Ezawa: Multiplex

Murray Guy

September 6th – October 18th 2008

Duston Spear : Floating World

Sara Tecchia

September 18th-October 31st 2008

Vik Muniz: Verso

Sikkema Jenkins & Co

September 6th – October 11th 2008

Sally Smart : Decoy Nest


September 6th – October 11th 2008

Leigh Ledare: you are nothing to me. you are like the air.

Rivington Arms

September 11th – October 19th 2008

Jeff Whetstone: Post-Pleistocene

Julie Saul Gallery

September 12th-October 25th 2008

Aaron Johnson: Star Crossed

Stefan Stux Gallery

September 4th – October 18th 2008

Simon Linke

Mireille Mosler

September 9th – October 25th 2008

David La Chapelle

Tony Shafrazi Gallery

September 12th – October 24th 2008

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