The Good Life

Posted in Art by akacocolopez on August 9, 2008

The Good Life

July 10th – August 22nd 2008

Yancey Richardson Gallery

After checking out When Color Was New make sure to head to Yancey Richardson which is in the same building. Here is another group photography exhibit exploring the idea of the good life across the caste spectrum. We are presented with with two men, possibly related, gorging on donuts while a pornography plays on a cheap tv screen behind them whereas a nearby photo displays a group of wigged women drinking Budweisers, smoking and having a Bohemian good time.

I specifically loved this piece, Harem Room, by Danielle Rosell. The colors and the interplay between real and imaginary here fascinated me.

Other photographers included in this exhibit are:  Slim Aarons, Diane Arbus, Tina Barney, Mitch Epstein, Elliot Erwitt, Peter Granser, Gail Albert Halaban, David Hilliard, Karine Laval, Bill Owens, Tod Papageorge, Martin Parr, Alex Prager, Daniela Rossell, Carlos Perez Siquier, Julius Shulman, Larry Sultan, Eve Sussman, Lars Tunbjörk, Massimo Vitali.


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