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Posted in Art by akacocolopez on July 6, 2008

For the photographer, these grass-roots businesses present variations on a theme. Each reflects the personality and business acumen of its owner as well as the needs and tastes of its neighborhood.

A newsstand on Water Street and Whitehall in the financial district attracts attention with a bright red paint job and prominent displays of upscale magazines and Vitamin Water. A Harlem newsstand on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 135th Street sports a well-worn office chair where its owner sits and chats with passers-by.

When Ms. Barrett started her project, she did not realize she was photographing the end of an era. Until recently, newsstand operators owned their stands and paid the city $1,000 for two-year licenses. In 2003, the city enacted Local Law 64, which required owners to give up their stands but allowed them to operate city-owned structures at no cost. In 2006, the city signed a contract with the Spanish conglomerate Cemusa to build 3,300 bus shelters, 300 newsstands and 20 public toilets.

Excerpt from NyTimes

 Visit her site for more info & photos: Rachel Barret


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